Roy D Pursley, CPA

Organizers & Portal

You may enter your Tax data into your Personal Notebook Organizer by clicking on the Notebook Icon below. These Notebooks must first be built by our Staff; they will be customized according to your last year's tax data. Call or email Gwenda at the Office to get your Organizer set up and get your Unique Usercode and password. We must secure your data so that it meets our security standards to protect you from Hackers and Identify thieves. So Please be Patient with this, your security is our paramount concern.    

Electronically transmitting Tax Documents, such as 1099s, brokerage statements and W-2s, to us via the portal allows us to assure your data security via secure transmission protocalls. This protects you from hackers and keeps your personal information safe from identity thieves. We can transmit your completed tax return back to you via the portal without worrying whether an unsecure email attachment might be intercepted by a hacker and used to steal your identity.
Click Here to Send Email Requesting Secure Portal Doc Transfer
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