Roy D Pursley, CPA MBA

Established since 1989, our firm provides up to date Tax Preparation for Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations and LLCs. This firm is a family business with my wife running the office and performing bookkeeping functions, and all tax returns are done by me.

Our Commitment

Taxes are important. No one should pay more than the law requires. But no one wants to pay penalties for not following the law. We treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. Our firm guarantees efficient, honest financial services that achieve remarkable results.

Efficient, Honest Financial Services for Individuals and Businesses

Our Record

For 25 years I have offered tax services to the general public. During that time I have represented clients before the IRS: Corporations, Partnerships, Non-Profit Organizations, and Individuals, both employees and self-employed. My consistent record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust with both clients and IRS Agents. Pay what you owe, and not a penny more.

  • Individual Tax Preparation
  • Business Income Tax Preparation
  • Corporate Tax Preparation
  • Client Representation before the IRS in Audits
  •  Our clients have chosen us time and time again for our rapid, high-quality services and our attention to individual needs.

Electronic Filing brings smiles quicker
with refunds automaticlly deposited into your bank account
 You choose the method to deliver your information to me: by mail, by electronic transfer, and if you wish, by visiting the office..
You will smile too when you submit your tax information from your home computer
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